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Blue Foot Chicken

Blue Foot Chicken - Poulet Bleu. For years, the famed Poulet de Bresse of France has been the gold standard in chicken. As this breed is so highly protected and any dressed, live or egg export from France illegal, our only way offer this delectable bird to the American public was to create it ourselves. Finally, after years of effort in cooperation with our friend Peter Thiessen, of British Columbia, in 2004 Squab Producers of California introduced to the United States a chicken that has been received in culinary circles as matching or even exceeding the wonder of the Bresse chicken. California Poulet Bleu has quickly become known as the California "Bleu foot" as chef after chef in the New York restaurant market added this bird to their menus or their list of special entrees. The American gold standard is finally here.

California Poulet Bleu (Blue foot) is a uniquely developed, highly protected new breed that Peter developed over many years of natural breeding evolution. The Poulet Bleu displays a bright red comb, beautiful white feathers, and very crisp blue feet. Highly social, our Bleu Foot has the very attitude we have come to view of the French when they know they are the best.

The Cooperative brought its breeders into the United States from Peter's farm in February of 2004, just one week before a form of avian flu was found in the Fraser Valley duck flock east of Vancouver resulting in the Canadian government euthanizing millions of birds in the region. Peter's remaining breeding flock was actually put down by officials to prevent spread (never actually had the flu), leaving the only survivors of this special breed safely flourishing in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley region of California. Little did we know at the time, what impact that rescue would have, as our original plan was to move the entire flock to California in several trips. This event merely slowed down the introduction, as our breeder flock was so small at the beginning.

Poulet Bleu is raised all naturally in housing located on two of our small farms in the towns of Hughson and Turlock, within 15 minutes of our processing plant in Modesto, California. Originally, we raised them by ranging, just as the Bresse birds (which by the way were forced indoors earlier this year by the threat of AI in Europe). International events surrounding the worldwide H5N1 avian influenza epidemic has caused us, as well, to bring the birds indoors for their own safety, as well as in cooperation with the entire U.S. poultry industry. We view biosecurity as the responsible course right now to prevent spread of disease in this country. Despite this, our birds receive lots and lots of room to roam and socialize in small flocks while growing up in natural lighting. Our Poulet Bleus are raised on all-vegetable, antibiotic free, whole grain foods. Our birds are raised humanely and comfortably, being allowed to grow up naturally many weeks longer than traditional poultry. We even feed milk with their water and their natural grains.

We are extremely proud of our new entry into the American gastronomic environs. California Poulet Bleu is special in every way. It has rich chicken flavor, with a texture and color just as perfect chicken should. California Poulet Bleu (the California blue foot) is available in very limited numbers as we focus on painstakingly doing it right, one step at a time.

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Blue Foot Chicken - Poulet Bleu
Blue Foot Chicken - Poulet Bleu

Blue Foot Chicken - Poulet Bleu BFCRegular price: $149.99Online price: $99.99

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